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Leave a comment if you know of an on-line campaign that is not listed here.

Some of these campaigns are complete or on hiatus. I’m leaving them up because the GM and players linked to them may have moved on to other on-line games that may be interesting to the visitors of this site. I’m not going to sort this list by play status because that sounds like too much work. Enjoy!

On-Line Campaign Name Game System GM
Dragonslayers Society AD&D 2.mine anstett
The Southern Seas Campaign D&D 1.0 chgowiz
Brave New World D&D 3.5E Jennifer
Chaotic Times for Drasia D&D 3.5E lokiwolfdm
Cold Blood D&D 3.5E Darthkrzysztof
Freedom Rising D&D 3.5E Gromnar
Gorilla-Taur D&D 3.5E Explodinator
Threshold D&D 3.5E Darthkrzysztof
Eberron: Nocturne D&D 4E Darkjest
Farewell, a Beginning of Sorts D&D 4E neithan
III D&D 4E Godfear
Original Sin D&D 4E Jozh
Primordium D&D 4E DarthKrzysztof
Scales of War: Heroes of the Silver Marches D&D 4E someoneinatree
Shards of Crystal D&D 4E chief_librarian
Silent Fear D&D 4E Crpowers
S.P.I.R.E. D&D 4E druid_wrestling
The Piranoth Chronicle D&D 4E Lucasc
The Singing Mercenaries D&D 4E valmir
Wheel of Time d20 nufan1210
The Coming Blight Dragon Age MikeMiller
Exalted Star Wars Exalted Star Wars Jp12x
Of Steam, Steel and Murder Fate RPG bislab
Waste Space Fate RPG Eskea
The Town GURPS Cernig
Valahn: Chapters from the Fallen GURPS saithan
Silent Winter Homebrew DarthKrzysztof
Etz Chaim Iron Heroes GothicShark
Legendary Domains of Abeir Lamentations of the Flame Princess drance
The Time of Bitter Waters ORE bislab
A God…Rebuilt Palladium Fantasy killervp
A Rollicking Band of Adventurers We Pathfinder Cauk
Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Pathfinder MrE
Ascendancy Pathfinder Gromnar
Kingmaker Pathfinder d4jones
Skull and Shackles Pathfinder DarthKrzysztof
The War of the Burning Sky Pathfinder strokes
Worms: Apocalypse Zero Pathfinder Zero
Avatar: the Untold Legend Pathfinder + Avatar d20 Omoikane
New Frontiers Coalition Rifts Dalinore
Changing of the Moons Rolemaster 3rd Edition cinmay
Shades of Shadora Savage Worlds pelwer
Tales from the River City Wrecking Crew Shadowrun Sylvre Phire
Scoundrel’s Luck Star Wars Saga Elenore
The Sidori Gambit Star Wars Saga The_flax
Mount & Blade: Adventures in Calradia The Riddle of Steel magustg1
Deus Vult Inconnu Vampire: The Masquerade Defpotek
Deathwatch: Terminus Sanctio Warhammer 40k Bts1967
Amongst the Sin Eaters World of Darkness Crpowers

On-Line Campaigns

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