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Leave a comment if you know of a PbP campaign that is not listed here.

Some of these campaigns are complete or on hiatus. I’m leaving them up because the GM and players linked to them may have moved on to other PbP games that may be interesting to the visitors of this site. I’m not going to sort this list by play status because that sounds like too much work. Enjoy!
Status Def: Active, Inactive, Looking for Players(LP), Not Looking for Players(NLP)

PbP Campaign Name Game System GM Status
Saga of Jaraah AD&D 2.0 kenurion LFP
Atharill AD&D 2.0 aan On hiatus
Guardians of the Frontier AD&D 2.0 Jayph LFP
Realm of Heroes AD&D 2.0 Cwreando LFP
Return to the Keep of the Borderlands AD&D 2.0 Filalex34 LFP
Aberrant: Discoveries Aberrant Aejan777 LFP
Facebook Advanced Fighting Fantasy Game Site Advanced Fighting Fantasy snakeappletree
The World of Llowellen Arcana Evolved Llowellen Looking for players
Burned Bush Wells Boot Hill Admiralwells Looking for players
Kingdom of Terror D&D (3.5) marcdavignon
The Planet Travelers D&D (3.5) mrmiffmiff In planning
The War of the Burning Sky D&D (3.5) strokes Active,NLP
Farewell, a Beginning of Sorts D&D 4E neithan
The Eye of Chaos D&D 4E nuffsaid15
The Hand of Winter D&D 4E nuffsaid15
Benders d20 Modern successwarrior Active
Paradox Diaspora DWAITAS curufea
Feng Shui, Lost Island Feng Shui jpatterson
but not a drop to drink Gamma World (4E) BeefGriller
All Cats are Grey in the Dark Mage the Ascension zazzle99 LFP
Greyhawk Rules/Savage Tides Pathfinder Hotspur8 LFP
It’s good to be evil Pathfinder killervp LFP
Land of the Relentless Pathfinder soulnova LP
Tales of Trythes Pathfinder DMStoryteller LFP
House Corinthyen Song of Fire and Ice JonathanVolkmer
Black Sun’s Rising Star Wars Saga Edition anima7155 LFP
Deathwatch: the Long War Warhammer 40k Echo3Bravo LFP
Blood Sun Rising World of Darkness almatyr

PbP Campaigns

Compendium of PbP and On-Line Campaigns kenurion